His Honour Judge Waine, The Rt Hon. Lord Justice Ward, Court of Appeal of England and Wales, District Judge Karen Venables, Parental Rights

Northampton Referral Team

The next day the bailiffs for Northamptonshire local authority attended the psychiatric hospital to serve me with legal papers, my child was gone.   Thank god I was not mentally ill, or that would have tipped me over the age, on the balance of probabilities that was the plan.


Two days later, those two social workers came to visit me, observe the date highlighted in red.  From the time my child was kidnapped, the local authority realized it had made a grave mistake, so they planned to keep my child.


Hoping I would just melt away.  You see, what Northamptonshire local authority did to me, it has done to  thousands of other adults, and continues to do so.  A new precedent has been set, grab your children quick.