His Honour Judge Waine, The Rt Hon. Lord Justice Ward, Court of Appeal of England and Wales, District Judge Karen Venables, Parental Rights

His Honour Judge Waine is the designated Family Judge for Northampton.

His Honour Judge  Waine

The case

Building a case before the fact. 

The legal requirement is building a case after the fact. 

A fact based on evidence. 

They made a mistake when my child  was taken.  Mistakes must stay in foster care. 

Mistakes mean damages and jobs being lost.


Notification of Godwell V United Kingdom

Hand delivered and date stamped


Northampton County Court

His Honour Judge  Waine prevented my family member from acting as an advocate to my child stating there was doubt to her identity.  We made an application to the Court.   So then I brought into Court an imposter claiming to be from some organisation or the other and he did not check her credentials.  When he asked me which organisation she is from, I did not have a clue.  She was white and had a suit on and so did I for that matter.

My aunty is black, has masters’ degree and was studying for her PHD.  It just goes to show. There is more to come!!!

The local authority made a number of comments in writing about the African culture labelling all Africans the same.  Any positive they turned into a negative. In the end at the final hearing the local authority wrote that it does not want my child to have anything with the African culture.  HHJ Waine and District Judge Venables endorsed their views. 




The intention is to try to break the child or the mother. Then abuse and attack with the intention of eventually harming the child to the point that they will say what they are demanded to say or until they can be declared mentally ill and discredited as a witness. My child is suffering. The attacks include improper nutrition and refusal of all exercise for the child. The intention is to create the appearance of developmental delay after months of abuse in care.    This omission is made within the contents in the Judgment of His Honour Judge Waine and that of District Judge Venables.  


Furthermore, on 10 November 2010 I placed a Claim against Mr Prester Coleman. The Judge presiding at the hearing made it quite clear on tape that:

1. he could not believe Mr Prester received legal aid to represent me


2. that all I need is the right Judge to release my only child.   What an insult. The Court now refuses to give me the transcript or a copy of the audio recording of this hearing.  Mr Prester Coleman 


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