His Honour Judge Waine, The Rt Hon. Lord Justice Ward, Court of Appeal of England and Wales, District Judge Karen Venables, Parental Rights

District Judge Karen Venables

This Judge is not the only Judge with a Family ticket for this period, who sits in the Northampton County Court.  When I made the application in Northampton Magistrate’s Court to transfer the care proceedings to the higher court, it was to discharge the care order only.  The local authority contested my application, the magistrates’ agreed with me.

The Firm that Helped Us, Did So Because: "Your Child Saved The Lives Of Thousands Of Children, So We Will Help You."  District Judge Venables met my child during this hearing, if she had any concerns she would have been the first to call social services.  In the end it became her reputation vs my family.  Updating >>>

Some Judges Refuse to See What is Placed Right Infront of Them.  I Sometimes do This, Because I am Only Human. 

Throughout the whole child care proceedings I wore a crucifix, it was a birthday present (February 2009).  During the final hearing I wore the crucifix every single day.   The hearing started on 2 November 2 and ended on November 2009. Every time a witness spoke I did the sign of the crucifix.  Fictitious is not the word. 

Later the social worker who should not have been present at the hearing, but gave evidence anyway received her copy of this judgment and whilst we drank coffee she enquired as to why the judge made the statement highlighted in red, because everyone clearly witnessed me making the sign of the crucifix and Muslims do not do this.

Anyone who has had the misfortune of having a bad, lazy or unfair judge presiding over their case in the family court, will work how often I made the sign of the crucifix, whilst so-called experts and witnesses (who inject heroin or have had all their children removed by social services) stood in the dock to give their evidence.

 There is more to come.  By the time you have read the whole judgment and other documents pertaining to the misery my family faced in the hands of Northamptonshire local authority you will be asking this question: why did this judge decide to preside of my family matter, because there was a clear conflict of interest. 

Some judges believe that they are God and I am not making this statement loosely!   Now, if I state that this woman has issues, I am told by the local authority that I am being abusive.