His Honour Judge Waine, The Rt Hon. Lord Justice Ward, Court of Appeal of England and Wales, District Judge Karen Venables, Parental Rights

The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report

The Report also found that the police were institutionally racist and made a total of 70 recommendations for reform. These proposals included abolishing the double jeopardy rule and criminalising racist statements made in private. Macpherson also called for reform in the British Civil Service, local governments, the National Health Service, schools, and the judicial system, in order to address issues of institutional racism.

One Flew Over the Cuckoos’ Nest


My previous contact with social services it that a worked for them as a residential social worker, for a number of years and I worked for a major mental health organization for four years.

Check this out, there is no mention of assaulting a police officer, the police decided to add this on later, as with the other false allegations.

Now you have read the attachmented documents, you would believe the police drove me directly to the hospital.  No, my arrest had nothing to do with protection.  It had to do with the punishment of my child and I. 


In fact, the whole crusade is planned by Northamptonshire Police Force in conjunction with Social services.  All statements are based with supporting documentation.

1.      My child is frogged marched of our family home and by 4 pm she is placed in foster care.


2.      The Police officers take me to Northampton Police station.  Peter Johashen was the duty solicitor assisting me.  We talked on the telephone, he informed me that if I do not see him by 6pm that I must remain strong.   I did not understand why he is talking to me about me sounding: articulate, confident and intelligent.  I am even more baffled when he stated “there is nothing wrong with YOU!”


3.      At 12 midnight  I am transported by a Police woman in car to a mental hospital.




Consultant Dr Nager

Registrar Dr Khan


Summary of Assessment  "Ngozi Godwell was admitted to Pendred South under section after neighbour reported that Ngozi daughter is running naked on the street. Police was called in and daughter was given into foster care, Ngozi then complaints were agitation and inappropriate (spelt misappropriate, even they did not believe it) behaviour diagnosed as acute stress reaction, settled well on ward."


Follow Up Care (if applicable): (1) with Linda Palin Tuesday at 10:00AM with ISA team.


Diagnosis: Acute Stress Reaction


Medicine Approved Name and Strength  No antidepressants and anxiolytics prescribed.



Please note:  In total I saw 5 psychiatrists whilst I was under section. After 7 days the Section was lifted, I chose to stay on the ward for further assessments, working in partnership with the psychiatrists. The psychiatrists made it clear on my discharge that it was my right to collect my child and supported me in my application for a housing transfer me through the ISA team. You will read later about the conduct of my then solicitor Mr Prester Coleman and the trainee social worker (link Chi's injuries). Who were supposed to be promoting my rights, as a mother?