His Honour Judge Waine, The Rt Hon. Lord Justice Ward, Court of Appeal of England and Wales, District Judge Karen Venables, Parental Rights


Highlighted in red is a website address, which, was collected by Northamptonshire police force, before the kidnap of my child.  My child was kidnapped on 9 October 2008.

The local authority insists that it was helping my family. Then the local authority state that it was giving my child and I the support that we were asking for, really???

Imagine a young child forcibly removed from her mother and from that day on her pleas to be returned home to her mother are ignored by the very professionals who profess to be acting in this child’s best interests. In fact you will find that Northamptonshire local authority had no interest in this child what-so-ever. The aim was and is to punish the child and her mother, now the child has mental health problems. In fact, the local authority on more than one occasion referred to MY child as a dog.

So here we go the experiment. Rat A and Rat B.

Take Rat A from the mother she loves dearly. Place Rat A in appalling conditions. Then remove the Rat from these conditions with injuries and is now scarred. Place Rat A with a monster, who bullies, threatens and then rapes Rat A. All the while professionals keep visiting Rat A and frightening the child. The local authority has admitted in writing that the social worker allocated to the child was not there to befriend the child. The role of the social worker was entirely operational, to operate on behalf of the local authority.

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Please visit the website and go back to the entries made in the beginning.  My child also made one entry, she called herself ‘rockchi’." target="_blank">

More revelations to come!

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Northamptonshire County Council

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Let Us Go Back Way Back In Time


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City of Westminster

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Social Services - Working in Partnership

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Working in Partnership - So now you can read that Justice Lord Ward was mistaken when he states that I have a problem with social workers, even if I did, the law directs that orders should be put in place to make sure I do.  The lower court intentionally mislead the powers that be.

J Core Assessment - Updating

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Note the date of this order, my child was taken on 9 October 2011.