His Honour Judge Waine, The Rt Hon. Lord Justice Ward, Court of Appeal of England and Wales, District Judge Karen Venables, Parental Rights

My Child and I

All I wanted was a life with me and my daughter, giving her a good quality life mixing with children who are talented, or not so talented.  I wanted my child to live the life, know that the world is her oyster and is full of opportunities, instead of others defining it for me. 

Northamptonshire local authority does not like flamboyant and quirky people.  Northamptonshire is not a proactive community, it has a diverse population, but its community is not diverse, why?

BLAME THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT!!!  Justice Lord Ward has set a new precendent, which will rock the rights of every parent and child in this country.  If you are black and of African decent, be fearful for your children's life!!

Next it will be if you are ginger, or walk with a limp!!! 


The ways in which it fears the child protection system and the family court system, which shield it, is being subverted by forces that are largely unaccountable.  The Children Act has unintentionally handed enormous power to local authorities and experts, which some are using arbitrarily. And that secrecy keeps injustices from public view.